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Strength. Beauty. Confidence.

SIRENA apparel & products are eco-friendly and offer a combination of fashion and function that is tailored specifically to the needs of the strong, confident woman. Our products are designed to be stylish, while also providing the necessary comfort and support for women who lead active lifestyles.

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Exclusive SIRENA Eco-Fashion Swimwear Now Available for Pre-Order!

Where Fashion Meets Function.

  • Select designs handmade in Brazil with PETA Approved (VEGAN fabrics)
  • Striking, unique fashions
  • Premium, eco-friendly fabrics that allow ease of movement for the active woman
  • Fabric leftovers crafted into pet beds for shelters

We love animals!

The planet is our main source of inspiration, and so are animals. We help support shelter dogs and cats by providing pet beds out of fabric leftovers.